Call Bartley & Bolin, Inc. For Your Next Aggregate Project

Bartley & Bolin Trucking and Excavating Serves Ashland County, Ohio and Surrounding Since 1971

When you need quality materials like gravel, sand, or other aggregates for your next project, Bartley & Bolin, Inc. is based in Ashland County and serving the surrounding area. We are a full-service supplier of a variety of mineral materials including the following.

1-2 Limestone
4 limestone
57 limestone
8 limestone
304 limestone
411 limestone
10 limestone (screenings)

4 gravel
57 gravel
8 gravel
9 gravel

Fill sand
Mason sand
White beach sand

Fill dirt (McNaul location)
Bank run (McNaul location)

Screened topsoil

Brown Mulch
Black Mulch

Road salt by ton
Road salt in 25# and 50# bags
Road salt by bucket

Asphalt millings

Our dump truck services, available in both tandem and multi-axle varieties, can haul any unwanted materials off-site and we offer a variety of dumpsite locations to better suit your needs and specific location. As a business built and run by family, we pride ourselves on leaving each of our customers completely satisfied.

We Are Available for Commercial and Residential Projects

Whether the project involves residential landscaping or a typical commercial endeavor, Bartley & Bolin, Inc., has the knowledge, supply, and ability to achieve total success. We have a diverse range of customers who all have different needs, and we believe that this has helped to give us a more robust range of experiences. One day we might be called to help with a small home garden and the next day we will be driving out to a massive commercial job site to provide it with literal tons of materials. Our flexibility and willingness to offer services regardless of the size and scope of a given project is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

Aggregate Material Experts

We at Bartley & Bolin, Inc., have a great amount of experience working in this industry and we are sure to verify that each of our drivers has extensive prior driving experience before they ever begin working for us. Safety is a major concern for our business if only because of the sort of equipment we use every day. Furthermore, every team member knows the ins and outs of our materials and can give a robust and professional assessment of what might be needed for any given project. For example, we know which variety of gravel is best suited for a driveway. This sort of education and information really makes itself known when paired with the timely and professional service that we always strive to give our clients.

Personalized Service

As a small business situated within Ashland County, we can give every one of our customers a stellar customer service experience. This personalized approach to customer services means that we can always confirm that each customer is getting whatever they may need, be it same-day service or the available materials to be picked up from our convenient location.