Bartley and Bolin Excavating Services in Ashland County, Ohio, and Surrounding

Why Choose Bartley & Bolin Excavating?

Excavation contractors are responsible for site preparation and construction. They create a careful and well-engineered process for a firm foundation from which any building can begin. A reputable excavator will have the tools and expertise to tackle the complications in the construction industry. This can save time, money, and a lot of stress. Let’s look at the services we offer at Bartley and Bolin Excavating in Ashland County, Ohio.


Road and Infrastructure Construction

From earthmoving, utilities, and drainage to concrete structures and paving, a lot goes into creating new or enhancing existing roadways. We help come up with a stable foundation with bumps leveled and dips filled with dense and compressed dirt. We design drainage for a long-lasting road. We believe that what's beneath the paved surface of a road is as important as the concrete we drive and walk on.

Project Planning and Preconstruction

At Bartley and Bolin Excavating, we look at the bigger picture to understand how to complete our portion of your project. We put extra effort into the project planning and preconstruction processes. We analyze everything from foundation digging to soil compaction and erosion control. This helps us ensure that the project can move ahead without disruption, resulting in a well-built and long-lasting structure.

Underground Utilities

We handle sewer systems, storm drainage, water mains, forced water mains, water services, and retention systems for above ground or underground use. Moreover, we take the utmost care, from digging the trenches to laying and connecting pipes. We don't interfere with any existing utility lines while digging.

Site Excavation

Site excavation includes land grading, alteration, and drainage correction. No matter how designed or crafted, a building or road on shaky ground will fail. We carve out the building's precise foundation and ensure that the ground is dense enough to support the weight of your structure. If the soil is loose, we use compactors to compress the dirt, ensuring a stable foundation for your project.

Erosion Control and Soil Remediation

We implement various practices that manage wind and rainwater running off built environments. This prevents everything from water pollution to soil loss, habitat loss, and human property loss. We understand the challenges of these stipulations and present better solutions to our clients. We keep pollutants out of the water supply to maintain your building's landscape per the original design.

Demolition and Land Clearing

We can turn an existing site into a construction site primed for work. We can do this by tearing down existing man-made structures or clearing vegetation with demolition and land-clearing services. We do all our clearing and handle the disposal of the teardown waste.

Bartley & Bolin Excavating's experienced team has the experience, knowledge, and equipment, making us a full-service excavating company. Are you looking to give your project a solid start around Ashland County, Ohio? Bartley & Bolin Excavating is here for you.